MoxWave is a cloud based API for translation of text from English to a large number of Indian languages. It is a unified API that can be used for machine translation as well as manual translation of content. MoxWave offers the best-in-industry Neural Machine Translation (NMT) capability from English to 11 major Indian languages, having the highest BLEU scores.

MoxWave currently supports the following 11 Indian languages for machine translation. For Human translation, it supports all 22 official Indian languages as well as a host of international languages.
a. Assamese
b. Bengali
c. Gujarati
d. Hindi
e. Kannada
f. Malayalam
g. Marathi
h. Oriya
i. Punjabi
j. Tamil
k. Telugu

MoxWave offers a wide variety of customizations for its users, which include:

  • A choice between translation and transliteration of content
  • A choice between machine and human translations
  • User specified terminology option
  • Customized training based on user data for enhanced results
  • Customized support for file formats like plain text, HTML, JSON, XML, CSV

To know more about customizations, please reach out to us at info@process9.com

Yes. One of the unique features of MoxWave is that you can choose between machine or human translations. The API architecture contains a special parameter to determine the “quality” of the translated output. This feature is especially beneficial for online businesses that want to ensure that every translation on their website or app is accurate at all times.

Absolutely! MoxWave can be used to translate your websites, mobile apps, CRM, emails, SMS, text files, excel files, XML files, CSV files and much more. You can also use it in conjunction with MoxVeda  to achieve a smooth localization experience for your digital properties.

We are working with the best CAT tool makers in the world, to make MoxWave accessible to all its Indian language users. Please reach out to us at info@process9.com for latest updates or new integration requests.